Your right is to be right!

Legal Aid Movements

When you find yourself in front of the law, you will realize how important to get a proper aid. You don’t want to end up convicted just because you didn’t hire a good team. It is especially important in business; nobody wants to endanger its chances to make a profit or to confront to the law. Our aid has a close relationship with the welfare state. This sort of the provision of legal aid by a state exists for people who are not able to afford counsel from the legal system. This way the system has managed to ensure social, economic and cultural rights for everyone. This so-called “poor man’s law” has started at the end of 19th century and it is based on pro bono service for those who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. It helped to a lot of workers to protect them self under the law of their state.

Our Services

The first thing you need to know about our companies is our policy. The main purpose of our company is to protect our client, whether you are committed a crime and you are defendant, or you are the victim of some criminal act. Our main goal is to take any possible advantage and use it for your defense. The most important thing about our policy is our consulting, which is often included in the price not to mention our pro bono scheme, for all clients who are not able to defend themselves. We consider that everyone deserves a trial and justice because everyone is a part of a legal system. Once you hire us, you are going to receive the best possible treatment. However, you won’ hire one person to work for your but entire organization and team, because this is exactly what we are a team gathered to protect you and your rights.


Certainly that pro bono is one of our additional services, but it is not the only one. Besides so-called charity services we also offer you some that go with lower prices than usual. We have a calculator that can minimize the price of our services according to your financial state and you can have some benefits that you weren’t aware that you have at all. In some cases consulting are all you need and thanks to our professional team you will be informed if you need any other services. Sometimes a proper consulting is all you need. We also offer a service to pay after the conviction, this way we guarantee you in some way that we are going to win the case. We also offer you a spilled payment and a lot of others we can arrange according to your needs, desires and financial state.


For the past few years, we were dealing successfully with a various kind of cases. Our general practices focused not just on agricultural clients, but also to urban cases and problems that every successful businessman can encounter to. Our work includes appeals of FSA and NRCS decisions. We are offering you help regarding probate, estate planning, and litigation. Besides agricultural and urban area we also cover family law matters, and we are accepting divorce. Our founder came up with an idea to cover every situation and case where a simple citizen can find himself.


Jonathan Wells

“Before I hired this lawyer office, I was desperate. First of all, I didn’t know that I can pay them after conviction. This fact helps me a lot to sue the company that broke the law and harms my civil rights. Without them, I will be just one guy in a row that could fight against such a strong corporation. Luckily they saw the true and a potential winning in my case. They offer me a pro bono and to pay some insignificant amount after they win the case. The most important thing is that kept their promise. They introduce me in the case and my chances to lose or win, they explained to me what risk I need to take or to avoid are, and they led me from the start to the end. Without their help, I would never be able to proof my innocence.”

Megan Smith

“I must admit that this team has never represented me in the court, the reason is more than simple, and they never let me end up in court. Thanks to their legal consulting I manage to build more than strong business which perfectly functions in the legal system. They helped me to synchronize my interest and regulates that I might consider as an obstacle on my way to success. Fortunately, this company introduced me to the market and explained me to act according to the law and still take advantage of the economic system of our country. Now I even know by myself some parts of the law that are interesting to me and important for my business.”

Ann Watson

“The most important thing about this company is the fact that you can rely on them whenever you need and want. Personally, they have helped so many times to save the situation, which I got myself into. Every fact about you and your business is a top secret to them. They are more than dependable and trustworthy, once you hire them they become your family and they will do anything to protect it, in this case, you.“

Useful law tips for taking a loan

Don’t believe everything that you hear on TV. The most common mistakes that people make is taking a loan without getting familiar with the bank’s conditions. No wonder a lot of people lose their mortgage after only a couple of years. Our very best advice is to consult us before you decide to make any step and we will investigate it instead of you and prevent any possible damage.