Application Of Law On Internet Crime And Social Networks Frauds

Application Of Law On Internet Crime And Social Networks Frauds

As the time has passed and the technology has developed, it happened that we had experienced complete new phenomena. We felt a completely different dimension and start to live two different parallel universes. The fist in which we were born, that is, in reality, and the second virtual that became the main part of our lives.

What has the development of the virtual brought us?

It is strange how we feel safe in the virtual world. It has become normal to post moments of your personal life with complete strangers and how we are ready to do something that in normal real life we never do. We are posting photos from our everyday life to our Facebook, Instagram profiles and we are competing who is going to get more followers. We feel free to chat with an absolute stranger and not to feel fear at all. We share videos from our everyday life and most important we share our information that in previous centuries we were able to find only on our ID card. The worst thing about this is the fact that we feel completely safe. But is it safe at all? Or the real danger is exactly here?

Internet frauds

We all hear about Yahoo fraud one of the biggest in the previous year. It has happened that one of the most powerful companies became a victim of Internet hackers. If such a huge and famous company managed to become a victim of such a fraud, why do you think that you are safe? Why you let yourself to post and share your personal information with complete strangers. The worst thing about internet frauds is the fact that the internet police and security is not developed enough. The Internet has developed too fast, and some countries didn’t manage to adjust its law and regulations. You are not enough protected, or you aren’t protected at all. Everybody can track you and your moves or location.

How to protect your information?

The most important thing you should start when it comes to protection is to read before you click anything. Almost all internet frauds are based on one click. They will not force you to sign and accept something they will trick you. We can compare it with the ocean where the best catch is based on good bait. Every too long agreement is bait because they are count on the fact you won’t read anything and accept their condition. That is almost always the case when it comes to malware. The only way to protect you is to read and stop accepting everything. Another thing you can do is to stop posting all information about you on your social network. The thing is that nobody cares what you are doing every single moment except thieves’ maybe. They would be delighted to know that you are out of your apartment for a holiday.