How many times have you heard the word institution? Would you know to explain its meaning? Are you familiar with the history of its term? If not, you can learn a lot if you take a little of your time to read this article and learn something new regarding the law and legal institutions.We can say that when it comes to legal institutions, they are nothing more than distinct legal systems and specific forms of social conduct. The meaning of the word institution we can explain in one sentence. First of all, it refers to something that is permanently established. We can say that they are artificial rather than natural formations because they are invented and created by human.

The different meaning of the term “institution.”

One the first thought that comes to our mind when we mention this word is an organization whose activities are general interest. It is an artificial formation that exists to protect common interest. People created an institution to protect mutual rights and mutual interest, whether we are talking about property, money or human rights. On the other hand, we can consider it as a rule arranged between entities to protect the mutual interest and protect their rights and simply to set up an agreement between two parties.

Some people consider it a formal organization that needs to exist in every legal system. Depending on needs there are legal, political, economic or cultural institutions and their main purpose is to protect the mutual interest. We also have legal institutions, and their main purpose is to define relationships under the law. By this term, we mean to marriage, property, contract and others. Every institution includes organ and organizations. We have mechanical and technical components that we use for the operation of certain legal matters, which we apply to individual relationships. Most of them include rules which confer a certain legal status. A legal status is a group of rights and obligations of the same right type.

Educational Institution

However, when you mention this word and everybody knows or at least assume what it is about. The one when we are the most familiar with is certainly educational institutions where we have preschool, kindergarten, nursery, elementary school, and middle, comprehensive and so on. After hospital, this is the first institution we come in touch with.

Cultural institution

Besides educational, we also have a lot of others cultural institutions created to keep the legacy of our nation and civilization in general. It can be related to music, art, painting and even modern creations of civilization such as technology. The main purpose of these organizations is to keep and maintain the legacy of our culture in general. They are in charge of different kinds of festivals where the main purpose is to inform the people about main events and change in some area or to remind them not to forget the past and our heritage.